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Meridian Holidays is proud to offer our Asia Discovery Tours.
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Check out our monthly specials featuring tours of Indonesia, Bali, and Singapore.

Vacations: We specialized in Asia Discovery Tours including Asia Vacation, China Vacation, Peking Vacation, Indonesia Vacation, Bali Vacation, Thailand Vacation, Phuket Vacation, Vietnam Vacation, Hong Kong Vacation and Singapore Vacation.

Tours: China tours from Canada, Bali tours from Canada, Indonesia tours from Canada, Thailand tours from Canada, Phuket tours from Canada, Vietnam tours from Canada, Hong Kong tours from Canada and Singapore tours from Canada.

Services: You may rely on Meridian Travel as your air travel finder. We provide both luxary travel or discount travel to Bali and other Asian countries.

Air Tickets: We provide bargain air fares to Asia. Air line tickets to Bali, Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian countries.

Meridian Holidays is a North America Travel Agent. You will find our most attractive tour packages in the Indonesia tour sites, Bali tour sites, Thailand tour sites, Phuket tour sites, Hong Kong tour sites and China tour sites.

Bali & Komodo Island Adventure
17 days/15 nights

Grand Hyatt Bali
12 days /10 nights

Celebration for All Seasons
Hong Kong 8 days / 6 nights
Bali & Singapore Golf & Spa
Singapore, Bali, Golf & Spa
Bali Golf & Spa
5-star deluxe Le Meridien - Nirwana Golf & Spa Resort
Bali Magic & Singapore
17 days or 18 days
Phuket Bargain
13 days / 11 nights in Singapore & Phuket
Pattaya Longstay
30 days / 28 nights in Pattaya
Bali Longstay
31 nights in Bali and Singapore
China Value Pak
10 days / 8 nights in Hong Kong & Beijing
Golfer's Paradise - Hainan Island
10 days / 6 rounds in Haikou, Boao & Sanya
Golfer's Paradise - Hainan Island
9 days / 4 rounds in Yalong Bay, Sanya
Phuket Magic, Bangkok & Singapore
7 or 12 nights in Phuket, plus 3 nights Bangkok and 3 nights Singapore

Malaysia & Singapore
13 days / 11 nights
Vietnam & Cambodia
15 days / 13 nights
Vietnam & Singapore
11 days / 9 nights
Hong Kong Blaster
6 days / 4 nights
Golf Holidays in Thailand
15 days / 7 rounds in Bangkok & Pattaya
Golf Holidays in Thailand
12 days / 7 rounds in Cha-Am & Hua Hin

Golf Holidays in Thailand
15 days / 7 rounds in Bangkok, Chiang Rai & Chiang Mai
Amazing Thailand
12 days / 10 nights
Bangkok & Ko Samui
12 days / 10 nights
Phuket Magic & Bangkok
7 or 12 nights in Phuket plus 3 nights Bangkok
Bangkok, Singapore, Bali & Hong Kong
18 days / 16 nights
Wake Up In Bali
10 days or 15 days
Bali & Hong Kong
12 days or 17 days
Singapore Airlines International Cup
Singapore Turf Club - 20 May 2007

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