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One degree north of the equator, at the sourhern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula, linked to Malaysia by causeway.  Weather is relatively uniform averaging 28 - 32C / 82.4 - 89.6F.


City view



Tourist visas are NOT REQUIRED for American and Canadian citizens for visits of up to 30 days.  However, all visitors are required to have a passport validity of at least 6 months, onward/return tickets, onward facilities (eg, visa, entry permit, etc) to their next destination and sufficient funds for their stay in Singapore.


Statue of Sir  Stamford Raffles


Dining in Singapore is a safe gastronomic experience.  The city offers a vast array of dining options, including five-star restaurants, outdoor food stalls, fast food, sushi bars, and grand Chinese restaurants serving 10-course banquets.


Boat Quay


Prohibited at the airport and not encouraged at hotels. Restaurants include a 10% service charge.


Chinese Street Opera


English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil are the four official languages, with Malay as the national language and English as the language of business and administration..


Festival Event


Taxis Available 24 hours on-call.   In addition to metered fares, there are applicable surcharges prominently displayed in taxis.
Mass Rapid Transit(MRT) Efficient and inexpensive, the MRT is an efficient way to self-explore Singapore. Operation hours are 6am to 12 midnight daily.
Rental cars Chauffeur driven or self-drive rental cars are available from rental car agencies.
Trishaws Fun and exciting way to tour the streets of Singapore in traditional chauffeur-pedaled comfort.
Public Buses Comfortable and inexpensive mode of transportation operating 6am to 12 midnight daily.


Sentosa Island


Singapore is a duty-free port.  Prices of goods such as electronic and electrical products, cameras, clocks/watches and jewelry are highly competitive.  Department stores and shops usually open from 10am to 9pm daily.  Shops with "Singapore Gold Circle" signs are recommended.


Durian is a popular fruit in Singapore


The local currency is Singapore Dollars and Cents.  Approximate rate is:

USD$1.00 = SGD$1.70
CAD$1.00 = SGD$1.10


Night View


Main religions are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Taoism.  Places of worship welcome visitors, however visitors are expected to be properly attired and to respectfully witness the ceremonies or rites.   Please note that shoes are not to be worn in Hindu temples and mosques.


Botanic Gardens: Lotus flowers buds and fruits


Singapore's tropical climate offers visitors unlimited opportunities to experience a leisure vacation and the outdoors year-round.  Casual attire is acceptable for most occassions, however, some establishments may require more formal dress for evening hours.


Pulau Ubin Village
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